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Posted by on January 14, 2016 . 0 Comments.

We're almost back with the business running from our home. to be totally honest it is so nice to be working from home again. We have moved all neccesary items and organised them so that we can carry on with our custom made decorations and our cakes and cupcakes - It is so exciting to be starting a fresh at home. It was a challenging 2 years at the shop but i have come away with much more confidence and some great customers.

I used to be so scared to talk to people but can now talk forever about anythign cake related. I think I've been through every emotion during our time at the shop. Some very stressful times and times when all i've wanted to do is hide away and cry with worry about how to create cake designs but each time the cakes turned out better than expected giving me more confidence for the next big challenge. Dont get me wrong we have enjoyed every second with all the different cake designs and new customers and wouldn't change anything... well except for the overheads. If you need any help with your cakes please do give us a ring on our new Phone number 01303 487255 - (we will update the web page with the new details soon).

So we are now up and running for new cake orders big and small - I'm looking forward to more challenges and getting now know your likes and dislikes.One day we will step out of our home again with a new shop and our eyes wide open this time.

Please let us know what you have been through with your work and busniess - has it been a tough time for you or full of joy and fun.

Nikki :)

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