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Sprinkled Glitter - 4cm Numbers

Brand: WithLove
Product Code: 4cmGsp
Availability: In Stock

Edible Fondant 4cm Numbers
Minimum 6 Digits per order

These letters have a sprinkle of *Non-Toxic Glitter to the front giving them a glamourous finish.

Choose any:  Digits 0-9.
Minimum Order 1 Pack of 6 digits - each additional digit will then cost 33p

Write the digits required in the text box above.
- Please allow at least 5 working days drying time for custom orders.

Perfect for decorating Birthday Cakes, Christening Cakes, Cupcakes, All Celebration Cakes.
Various colour combinations  - (see above)

  • Minimum order 6
  • Any Digit 0-9
  • Measures: aprox 4cm
  • Non Toxic Glitter (Please see note below - Glittered items are not 100% Edible)
  • Suitable for Vegetarians

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose syrup, Added water, Vegetable oil, Glycerine, Emulsifier: Mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids; Acidity regulators: Sodium acetate, Acetic acid; Stabiliser; Gum tragacanth; CMC; Natural flavouring, Colouring.

Please Note: Our Glitter is Non Toxic...
*Non-toxic - which means: 1. not producing or resulting from poison
2. safe to eat 
Glitters can be used on sugar craft models or flowers, FSA state that these models etc should be removed from the cake and not eaten - they are however safe to eat and will cause no harm to you if consumed.
Should any of the glitter migrate on to the cake and be eaten accidentally, it has been classed as non-toxic so poses no immediate harm.

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1 Pk of 6 Digits
33p per additional Digit


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